Hay fever getting you down?

Allergies like hay fever are a sign that your immune system is in overdrive. So your diet, gut health, and vitamin D are all important components that will help optimize your overall immune function.

Most people turn to antihistamines, decongestants, nasal sprays, and allergy shots to address their symptoms. Unfortunately, many of these drugs can cause significant side effects, and relief tends to be short-lived. Moreover, they don’t address the underlying cause of your allergies.

Natural hay fever remedies will help to eliminate repressive effects. In addition, natural medications strengthen the immune system and provide a strong anti-inflammatory effect, reducing fatigue and allergy symptoms.

Tips to build your immune system:
  • Stay away from inflammatory foods – grains, junk food, processed foods, GMO foods
  • Increase your veg! Organic if possible and eat fermented foods
  • A BIG MUST! Supplement Vitamin D3! It helps to regulate your immune system and is essential to allergy sufferers.
  • Use Ginger and Onion in yolement Vitamin D3!ible and eat fermented foods your cooking, it helps to increase anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Hot peppers: Hot chili peppers, horseradish, and hot mustards work as natural decongestants
  • Adding honey to your daily diet can desensitize your body to other pollens as well as reduce your hay fever symptoms
  • GET ADJUSTED! Chiropractic care boosts your immune system so ensure you get regularly checked by your chiropractor

Every person is different in what he or she reacts to. And, just because you haven’t reacted to something in the past doesn’t mean you won’t react to it in the future—you can become sensitized at any point in time. So even if you don’t suffer from hay fever, these tips are great to keep your immune system strong. Prevention is better than cure.